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Welcome to Our School

  • Modern ICT Integration:

    • Chromebooks and Google Classroom for interactive and digital learning.

    • Computer coding and ICT skills integrated into our curriculum.

  • Interactive Learning Environments:

    • Bright, colorful, and spacious classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards.

  • Co-Educational Emphasis:

    • A co-educational setting promoting inclusivity and collaboration.

  • Top-notch Sporting Facilities:

    • Large PE hall with gym equipment.

    • Basketball court and a spacious football pitch for physical development.

  • Dedicated Staff:

    • A friendly and competitive team, including a teaching principal, three classroom teachers, a Special Education teacher (SET), one Special Needs Assistant (SNA), and a friendly and helpful part time secretary.

  • Community Spirit:

    • Strong community and school spirit creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Welcome to our vibrant co-educational national school, where learning is an exciting journey filled with discovery and growth. Nestled in a welcoming community, our school is a hub of education, fostering an inclusive environment that values each student's unique abilities. Let's explore the wonderful facilities that contribute to our students' holistic development:

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