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Dúchas Entries from Ballyheane NS


We have several stories on the Dúchas website contributed by Liam Ó Duibhir, a teacher in Ballyheane NS at that time, to the Folklore Commission in 1938/39. The stories really deserve to be viewed as they are full of local history and beliefs and they are presented in their original handwritten form.

1. Hidden Treasure

2. Forts

3. No Title

4. Cures

5. Cures 

6. No Title

7. Games

8. Flax

9. Hidden Gold

10. Hidden Gold

11. Hidden Gold

12. Hidden Gold

13. Hidden Gold

14. Riddles

15. Riddles

16. Riddles

17. St. Patrick

18. Weeds and Herbs

19. Herbs and Weeds

20. Local Industries

21. Marriages

22. Thart

23. Ballyheane Fairs

24. Ballyheane Fairs

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