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Green Schools Evaluation


Monitor & Evaluate

Monitoring and evaluation takes place at our meetings and also on an informal basis.


  • School grounds. Litter teams clean up on a regular basis. All but one litter blackspot has been eliminated. Please note that this is due to outside influences.

  • Compost. All children and teachers are actively involved in composting and recycling. Senior classes help junior classes with composting and recycling e.g. yoghurt cartons, compost etc.

  • Recycling: Batteries paper, yoghurt cartons,

There has been a 100% rise in yoghurt and juice carton recycling in the Junior Class.
Recycling has increased dramatically and we hope to reduce  our landfill by 50% in May 2011.  
In April 2010 sixteen Black bags were going to the landfill weekly. 
In September2010 this had been reduced to twelve.
In January 2011 this number had reduced down to ten.


  • There are now paper bins in all classes.


  • We have introduced text a parent service & this has drastically reduced paper waste.

  • Composting is going well. There is a compost bin in each class.


  • Teachers are making an effort to reuse paper and to back photocopiable material where possible.

  • We have almost eliminated our litter black spots and are making every effort to keep our school environment tidy and clean.


  • The Green schools committee reports back information to classes.

  • Our monitoring and evaluation process has helped in amending and improving our action plan as it helps keep us focused and we are tackling one area at a time and building on this as the Irish Seanfhocal says – I ndiaidh a chéile a dheantar na caisleáin (little by little castles are built).



  • Children from Infants to sixth are on the formal Green schools committee. Infants with the help of senior children are involved in composting, recycling and maintaining the birds feeding area.


  • Whole school has been on nature walks.

  • Children have been involved in whole school art recycling projects – under the sea & St. Bridget using old fabric.


  • Children have been involved in making musical instruments using recyclable materials.

  • Green schools classroom project... Each class asked to have Green schools as a theme for May i.e. sowing seeds, recycling through art, using recycled musical instruments in music classes etc.


  • All pupils have been involved in the clean up of the school grounds & surrounding environs.

  • Pupils have been involved in the creation of a Green schools notice board.


  • All pupils involved in keeping school clean & tidy on an ongoing basis.

  • All pupils involved in composting and recycling on an ongoing basis.


  • Senior pupils involved in a competition to create a Green schools slogan...see cover page

  • Daffodils were planted by whole school in the school grounds.


  • Children have been involved in the planting and maintenance of flower pots & will be involved in the planting & maintenance of the organic garden.


    • All the above activities are linked to numerous subjects in the curriculum e.g. Science, geography, art, music,  English etc.

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